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PINTAS Intellectual Property (IP) Protection Patent

1. Categories of Patentable Inventions

2. Patentability Criteria

An invention is patentable if it is

Invention -An invention permits in practive the solution to a specific problem in the field of technology
-An invention may be or may relate to a product or process
Novelty -An invention is novel if it is not anticipated by prior art.
-Prior art is anything disclosed to the public anywhere in the world, by written publication, by oral disclosure, by use, or in way prior to the priority date.
Industriallt Applicable -An invention shall be considered industrially applicable if it can be made or used in any kind of industry.
-Exclude Articles or processes alleged to operate in a manner cleary contracy to well-established physical laws, e.g. a perpetual motion machine.
Inventive -Obvious/Non Inventive if a person of ordinary skill in the area with no inventive abilities would habe been led to the solution directly and without difficutly
-Inventive proven if smart person says:"I wouldn't have thought of that"

3. Patent Application Procedures

1. Novelty Search 4. Application
number and
Priority Date
7. Examination
2. Drafting of
Patent Specification
5. Extension to
8. Grant
3. Filing of
application with
6. Publication 9. Renewal

4. Patent: Scope of Rights

Monopoly -Right to exclude others from Making Using,Selling,Importing
-The invention (as defined by the claims) For 20 years (from the filing date) In countries of registration
Enforce -Can sue a competitor for infringement
Monetise -Can assign or license in exchange for payment

5. The life of a patent