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IP Monetization

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PINTAS Intellectual Property (IP) Monetisation Services

IP Monetisation turns IP assets and rights into money and revenue generating streams for IP owners and investors.

We help IP owners and investors evaluate their IP assets, identify hidden value and find ways to monetize technology and innovation assets.

The scope of our IP Monetisation Services includes:-
  • 1. IP Analytics: Conduct of IP analytics and IP audit.
  • 2. IP Strategy: Consultation service on Corporate IP Strategy and IP Management Policy.
  • 3. IP Value: Valuation of IP Assets.
  • 4. IP Finance: Facilitation of Corporate Finance like IP Grants, IP loans and equity investments.
  • 5. IP Tax: IP Tax Incentive and Royalties Planning Services.
  • 6. IP Structure: Corporate Restructuring involving IP Assets and formation of IP Holding Vehicle.
  • 7. IP Event: Commercialisation and marketing of innovation and technology through customised IP events.
  • 8. IP Enforce: Coordinate IP enforcement ( civil and administrative) actions across Southeast Asia countries.
  • 9. IP Legal: Consultation, Negotiation and Preparation of IP related agreements:
    • - transfer, assignments and license agreement
    • - preservation of IPRs e.g. confidentiality agreement, employee agreement
    • - joint venture, franchise, research collaboration and other forms of business advancement
  • 10. Domain name registration and Domain name disputes resolution with Regional Domain Names Disputes

Summary of PINTAS IP Monetisation Service

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