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Industrial Design

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PINTAS Intellectual Property (IP) Protection Industrial Design

1. What is an Industrial Design?
An industrial design refers to a design applied to an article by industrial process. It can be features of shapes, configuration, pattern or ornament

  • Features of Shapes,Configuration,Pattern or Ornament
  • Applied to an Article by Industrial Processes

An Industrial Design right protects design with aesthetical appeal with no utilitarian functions. An Industrial Design can consist of a 2 dimensional feature such as ornamentation, patterns, lines, or 3 dimensional design of a product.

2. Industrial Design: Criteria of Protection
To be registrable, an industrial design has to be:-

  • New (Universal)
  • Non-functional look
  • Independent Existence (made/sold separately)
  • Appealing to the eyes

3. Industrial Design: Application Procedure
An industrial design application process comprises of the following steps

4. The life of an Industrial Design
The duration of protection differs from country to country. While the usual term of protection is 15 years (an initial period of five years with the possibility of renewal for two further periods of five years each), some countries provide protection for only 10 years, while others allow even 25.