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09-Jun-2016 15:48 24k [IMG] DSC_0040.jpg 17-Feb-2017 16:33 3060k unknown DSC_0086.JPG 20-Feb-2017 11:57 7048k unknown DSC_0241.JPG 20-Feb-2017 11:23 4248k [IMG] EMAX 2019.png 16-Jul-2019 10:20 540k unknown Ecovis KK.pdf 28-Dec-2016 15:45 704k unknown Edufly2.JPG 26-Apr-2017 09:00 216k unknown Flier SIMPOMIN2017-FINAL ANNOUNCEMENT.pdf 25-Sep-2017 17:07 1404k [IMG] Format Showcase Fin..png 21-Nov-2016 13:43 3624k unknown Fundamental of Copyright 2016.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 632k unknown Fundamental of Industrial Design 2016.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 788k unknown Fundamental of Patents 2016.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 880k unknown Fundamental of Trademarks 2016.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 1064k [IMG] IIUM-Half day IP Seminar-Poster.jpg 09-Feb-2018 15:11 4264k [IMG] IKEA-Public-Seminar-Brands-&-Trademarks.png 27-Jun-2018 10:28 192k unknown IP Analytics 2016 (Detailed).pdf 02-Aug-2016 09:22 1100k unknown IP Analytics 2016.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 564k [IMG] IP Digital Seminar.jpg 07-Nov-2018 10:29 4260k unknown IP Event 2016.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 492k unknown IP Finance 2016.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 632k unknown IP Globalization 2016.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 796k [CMP] IP 09-Jun-2016 15:48 10156k [CMP] IP 09-Jun-2016 15:48 600k unknown IP Strategy 2016.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 804k unknown IP Structure 2016.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 772k unknown IP Tech Brochure 021117.pdf 02-Nov-2017 17:17 1652k unknown IP Tech Brochure.pdf 15-Sep-2017 09:23 1648k unknown IP Valuation 2016.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 708k unknown IP-FINANCE-SCHEME-FOR-IP-OWNERS-MALAYSIA-2013.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 224k unknown IP-RELATED-GRANT-SCHEME-BY-MALAYSIA-GOVERNMENT-2013.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 160k unknown IPR Enforcement 2016.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 820k unknown IPotential Alert March 2018.pdf 04-Apr-2018 15:48 1068k unknown IPotential-Newsfeed-16122013-Patent-Troll.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 1064k unknown IPotential-Newsfeed-20122013-IP-Monetization.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 88k unknown IPotential-Newsfeed-22112013-IP-Nuclear-War.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 36k unknown IPotential-Newsfeed-23122013-Aspec-Programme.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 88k unknown IPotential-NewsletterNov20121.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 660k unknown Indonesia IP Handbook.pdf 09-Jan-2019 09:53 6868k unknown JB Seminar Brochure CNEN.pdf 30-Mar-2017 10:24 1236k unknown JB Seminar Brochure.pdf 28-Mar-2017 16:46 920k unknown JB Seminar.pdf 28-Dec-2016 16:04 912k unknown Laos IP Handbook.pdf 09-Jan-2019 09:53 6596k [IMG] Make Your Mark !.png 21-Nov-2016 13:53 196k unknown Malaysia IP Handbook.pdf 09-Jan-2019 09:55 19936k unknown May Case Study Seminar 2016.pdf 28-Jun-2016 20:35 2436k unknown Myanmar IP Handbook.pdf 09-Jan-2019 09:54 5112k [IMG] National Bootcamp 2019.jpg 22-Aug-2019 10:59 76k unknown Newsletter-Jan-2014-A8.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 1264k unknown PCT Procedures 2016.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 532k [IMG] PINTAS RAYA CARD.jpg 14-Jun-2018 10:21 320k unknown PINTAS Talk at ITEX2016.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 292k [IMG] PINTAS-RAYA-CARD-2.jpg 14-Jun-2018 11:19 276k unknown Philippines IP Handbook.pdf 09-Jan-2019 09:54 11240k [IMG] Pintas 2017 2nd CNY Card 2.jpg 27-Jan-2017 14:24 1024k [IMG] Pintas 2017 Season Greeting.jpg 23-Dec-2016 16:49 1136k unknown Pintas ASEAN ID Handbook.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 208k unknown Pintas ASEAN PT Handbook.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 224k unknown Pintas ASEAN Package.pdf 12-Jul-2016 10:11 1056k unknown Pintas ASEAN Trademark Handbook.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 268k [IMG] Pintas Card.png 14-Jun-2018 15:58 272k [IMG] Pintas Chap Goh Mei 2018.jpg 02-Mar-2018 16:29 324k [IMG] Pintas Christmas Card 2017.jpg 22-Dec-2017 17:30 1104k unknown Pintas Corporate Brochure 2016 .pdf 12-Jul-2016 10:03 1620k unknown Pintas Corporate Brochure English.pdf 09-Jun-2016 16:01 2120k unknown Pintas IP Protection New 2016.pdf 12-Jul-2016 10:03 604k unknown Pintas IPotential Newsletter Spring 2018.pdf 02-Mar-2018 14:57 1876k unknown Pintas IPotential Newsletter Spring 2019.pdf 04-Mar-2019 15:02 1460k unknown Pintas-IP-First-Quarter-2016-NewsLetter.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 668k unknown Promotion Brochure April 2016.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 48k unknown Public Seminar-Invention & Patent-OL.pdf 04-Apr-2018 16:21 5948k [IMG] Public-Seminar-Brands-&-Trademarks-(IKEA).png 27-Jun-2018 10:24 240k [IMG] RAYA CARD-2.png 14-Jun-2018 15:22 1480k unknown Revision Fees in IP Singapore.pdf 28-Mar-2017 14:08 752k unknown Seminar TPM.pdf 28-Dec-2016 16:47 624k [IMG] Seminar-Brands-&-Trademarks-(IKEA).jpg 04-Jul-2018 15:59 184k [IMG] Singapore $1B.png 03-May-2017 09:32 76k unknown Singapore IP Handbook.pdf 09-Jan-2019 09:54 7284k [IMG] TPM 4.jpg 13-Mar-2017 10:41 224k unknown Thailand IP Handbook.pdf 09-Jan-2019 09:55 7640k [IMG] The-IP-Case-Study-of-Google-01032019.jpg 11-Mar-2019 09:32 452k unknown Vietnam IP Handbook.pdf 09-Jan-2019 09:55 8276k unknown WIPO-Infographics-2013.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 1768k [IMG] card 2.png 22-Jun-2017 13:55 512k [IMG] disney-robotjpeg 2.jpeg 21-Apr-2017 16:34 32k unknown intellectual-property-management.pdf 02-Oct-2017 16:10 16k unknown intellectual-property-protection.pdf 02-Oct-2017 16:10 16k unknown intellectual-property-search.pdf 02-Oct-2017 16:10 12k [CMP] 12-Jul-2016 10:03 968k [CMP] 09-Jun-2016 15:48 1884k unknown ipmoney_01_intro.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 120k unknown ipmoney_02_intro.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 292k unknown ipmoney_03_audit.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 192k unknown ipmoney_04_strategy.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 152k unknown ipmoney_05_protect.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 84k unknown ipmoney_07_finance.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 380k unknown ipmoney_08_tax.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 292k unknown ipmoney_09_value.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 456k unknown ipmoney_10_enforce.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 132k unknown ipmoneycn_01_intro.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 128k unknown ipmoneycn_02_intro.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 308k unknown ipmoneycn_03_audit.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 224k unknown ipmoneycn_04_strategy.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 196k unknown ipmoneycn_05_protect.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 156k unknown ipmoneycn_06_Structure.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 332k unknown ipmoneycn_07_finance.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 484k unknown ipmoneycn_08_tax.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 404k unknown ipmoneycn_09_value.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 504k unknown ipmoneycn_10_enforce.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 164k unknown ipontential oct 2016.pdf 02-Nov-2016 11:08 1120k [IMG] meh liu.jpg 23-Aug-2018 14:15 572k unknown newsletter2aug1.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 640k [IMG] no phone driving.jpg 27-Jan-2017 14:57 16k [CMP] pintas flyers and 09-Jun-2016 15:48 4152k [CMP] 15-Apr-2016 09:57 4152k [IMG] prototypecarReuters.jpg 14-Mar-2017 11:43 48k unknown 提高知识产权保护意识.pdf 09-Jun-2016 15:48 24k

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