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We provide customized solutions relating to patents, trademarks, industrial designs, copyrights and trade secrets.


Welcome To PINTAS


PINTAS is a company specializing in the creation, protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights in Asean countries and beyond.
PINTAS stands for Protection of Intellectual Assets. Our company's single-minded mission is to help you realize the value of your intellectual assets in the most effective and efficient ways.

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Protects inventions that offer solutions to technical problems

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Industrial Design

Protects ornamental or aesthetic aspects of industrial products

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Protects distinctive signs which identify certain goods or services

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Protects original expressions of ideas reduced to material forms

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27th International Invention & Innovation Exhibition

Protect and Monetize Your Million Dollars Innovations and Brands Through Patents, Trademarks, Industrial Designs and Copyrights

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12 May, 2016

Seminar talk for Hai-O

Mr.Lok had been invited to Hai-O by giving a seminar talk from internal training. (Briefly giving some introduction of what is IP and Trademark law to Hai-O)...

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31 Apr, 2016

Events: NTUC IP Training

Our Director, Mr Lok Choon Hong was invited as a speaker in an IP Training Talk hosted by NTUC which was a 3 hour duration on the 31st March 2016...

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31 Mar, 2016

Events: FingerTec IP Training

Our Pintas IP Director, Mr Lok Choon Hong, was invited as a speaker for an IP training. This training was hosted by Fingertech Worldwide Sdn Bhd and the training session is for a duration of 2 hours...

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08 Mar, 2016

Events: NTUC – Young Engineers Leadership Program

Our Director, Mr Lok Choon Hong was invited as a speaker for a seminar called Young Engineers Leadership Program on the 25th February 2016 in Singapore. This seminar was organized by NTUC and was...

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26 Feb, 2016

Events: APM Automotive Holdings Sdn Bhd IP Seminar

Our Director, Mr Lok Choon Hong provided an intellectual property training to the staffs of APM Automotive Holdings Berhad at their office in Port Klang. The training was held on 1st February 2016 and lasted for a duration of 4 hours....

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24 Feb, 2016
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Coca-Cola Co.’s latest bid to win European Union trademark protection for a new version of its iconic bottle failed as EU judges said its curvaceous design was not distinctive enough.

Coca-Cola sought to convince the EU General Court in Luxembourg that consumers would view it as a “natural evolution” of its earlier shape. The court however, ruled on Wednesday that the shape is “a bottle like the majority of bottles on the market.” The court also ruled it as a “mere variant of the shape and packaging” of such products “which will not enable the average consumer to distinguish” this shape from others.

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iPhone 7 features:Could arrive with animated 3D maps, reveals Apple patent. Published: 11 October 2015 A new patent granted to Apple by the US Patent and Trademark Office for a technology that will allow users to animate parts of a 3-D map using inputs such as touch, gesture, audio and motion indicates that the iPhone...

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